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Since few months ago, you can hear the Nvll's E.P "Nvllcept" directly from Spotify. If you feel lazy to download Nvllcept from our web, now you can hear our entire disc in this link.

New photos and new video in our media section

We have uploaded a new photo gallery with some images from our first show in Barcelona and another video from our Nvllcept recording sessions. We hope you enjoy it. Many thanks to GONNE for the photos.

Nvllcept in Megaupload.

We have added a new link to download our first album Nvllcept. In the nvllcept section you will find a direct link to Megaupload from which you will be able to download the songs and the artworks of the album in a compressed format.

We want to take the chance to thank everyone who came to our recent concert on the 21st of this month. We will soon add some concert photos for you to take a look at.

Access to the Recording Sessions Diary through Youtube.

Through our official youtube channel you will see how the process of recording Nvllcept was. Every week you will be able to see a different video with curiosities and other moments of the recording process.

Access through this link or subscribe to our newsletter and you will be notified everytime we upload a new video.

In the meantime, you can watch a premiere here.


Download Nameless, the premiere song of Nvll.

Through this web you can download the first premiere track of the album Nvllcept, Nameless. Download is totally for free, and the only thing we ask from you in exchange is to share the song with your friends and give your opinion. Of course, you're invited to join our weblist to be informed with all the news and shows of the band before the release of the album, scheduled by the end january.

Web Debut

Nvll's official website, as you can see, is ready in it's first format. You will find Nameless, the premiere song for our first album "Nvllcept".
Nvllcept is planned to be released on the second half of January 2010. Recorded along November and December at Wheel Sound Studio in Cerdanyola (Barcelona-Spain), will be available only through internet for free downloading. We will be giving more details as well as the final release date in January.

What is Nvllcept?

Nvllcept is the first album from the metal band Nvll. Nvllcept defines the indefinable, what has not been created, not even imagined. Complex songs with obtuse and dense vertices that advance through melodic sounds where who listens to them feels immersed in a trip where every song is an interpretation of the emptiness for each one of us, as well as our frustrations and wishes.

All that and much more is Nvllcept.

Todo eso y más, es Nvllcept.

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